Italian Cultures and Facts

Actually, Italy is the home of the largest number of UNESCO Sites and tourists destinations like Piazza del Campo, Canals of Venice, Cinque Terre and other incredible spots. Since Italy ranks in the most visited cities in Europe, it would be better to know its culture and society in order to catch our attention.

Eating Dried Pasta- Eating pasta did not originate in Italy. The thing is, Italians had their own tradition in eating pasta with honey and sugar. Moreover, they eat the pasta with fingers, arm held high, and head tilted back.

Pizzeria- Romans had already eaten Pizza in the ancient times. The world’s first Pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria Port Alba, was opened in Naples in 1830.

Italian Flag- The green, white and red of the Italian Flag symbolizes hope, faith and charity.

Family- Italian family is different from the west’s. Extended family is much adorable rather than having a very small family of your own. They value much the moments when the family is all together enjoying their time. They are family-oriented people.

Language- Italian language is the majority language in Italy since there are about 96 percent of Italian living in Italy, although there are other languages spoken in the entire Rome.

Religion- 90 percent of the population obtains Roman Catholicism as their religion. This is not a surprise since Roman Catholicism is deeply rooted in Rome.

Art and Architecture- Famous art works like “The Last Supper” is an Italian art work. Italian art work gave rise to many artistic styles of buildings, landscapes and others. The architectural structure  of churches prove their uniqueness in beauty.