Beautiful art galleries you can find in Italy

Galleries are home of many artworks of every countries. Some galleries are not limited to artworks of a particular country. Galleries differ in what kind of artworks they display. If you want to know history of a country a gallery is a good place to visit. You can also understand the people, their arts and points of view in some ways. Galleries can also have literary pieces that add to the information you can know during your visit there. Today let us see galleries that is located in Italy.

When you visit there, you can go and see the Vatican Museums. These museums are founded in 1506 and it boasts its record being the most visited one in the country. It has many parts and rooms that is considered sacred but people or visitors can see and experience. It is advisable that you give plenty of time for visiting their as you can be very interested and spend much time there. Next is the Borghese Gallery that is located in Rome.

It was built in 17th century by Flaminio Ponzio as a villa that contains many collections formerly belonging to a cardinal that includes sculptures of Bernini, number of Renaissance paintings of Caravaggio, some of the works of Raphael, and even western and ancient gallery of some of the instrument that features Greek, Egyptian and Roman instrumentals of music. There is also the Uffizi Gallery, Gallery of the Academy of Florence, Bargello National Museum and Academy Gallery in Venice. They have their own webpage you can browse.