Italy in Europe

What is Italy in Europe? In the history of the world, Italy is the country that contributed to the fame of Europe when talks about politics, sciences, arts and philosophies. The capital of Italy is Rome where religious power arose in the early times of the 4th century. Rome is the center of economy and religion and political power in those days. Today too, Rome is still acknowledge as the head office of the Roman Catholic church since Vatican is the throne of the Pope.

The political system of Italy is Parliamentary Republic which is different from monarchy system of most countries in Europe, The Great Britain. The official language of Italy is Italian. Italy is a member of the European Union this is why it contributes to the economy of Europe. In actuality, Italy has the third largest economy in Europe and eighth in the world. This means Italy is a great contributor to the world’s economy. More than 60 percent of the economy comes from the tourism Industry of the nation.

Although it suffered economic crises and lost political power due to barbaric invasions, they still managed to maintain their identity in Europe. They didn’t lose their sovereignty as a nation but rather they stood as people who are powerful to this very day. What was lost in them is the religious power that they exercise for more than a thousand year. This is due to the resistance of protestant churches in the later times of the dark ages.