The Prominence of Italy

In the history of the world, Rome is never forgotten for its political and religious power. Its dominance in Europe was prophesied by the God of Israel through Daniel who lived in the time of King Nebuchadnezzar. It is famous around the world for its culture and tradition including most probably its arts, music and theater. This is why Italy is the most visited place in Europe. Marco Polo, who is famous for his expenditures, is an Italian journalists who listed down all the treasures found in Europe and Asia.

Italy is a contributor of great artists like Michaelangelo,   Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and many more who raised the banner of Arts. As they demonstrated their hidden talents through their art works, people come to hold on to the significance of art in life. When literary art sparked, writers use Rome as the setting of the story. We can see this in Shakespeare’s comedy, the “Merchant of Venice”. Thus, Italy has been famous as the center of music, arts, theatre in Europe.

Until this very moment, the classical music of Italy has been observed by Europeans. No one could deny also the scenic beauty of Italy including the works of architecture . No wonder, Italy receives millions of visitors annually. To this very day, Rome is still considered powerful in everything, rocking the world. The movies produced like “Rome” makes the city unforgettable. Even the Roman Catholic’s Basilica are scattered in Italy. St Peter’s Basilica is one of the famous work of mixed religion combined with the art and culture of the nation. Like this, there are many pride of the country that they can boast about to the world. They lit the field of arts, sciences, philosophies, religion and politics. They are proud of what their society has been achieving to this very day.