What is Sanitary Ware? Meaning and Definition

What are the sanitary wares?

Sanitary ware is a branch of ceramic products. Ceramic sanitary ware has proven to be cost-effective and useful in the long term. The sanitary ware can withstand loads of more than 400 kg and has excellent chemical resistance. Due to its smooth surface properties, sanitary ware can be easily cleaned.

What are the sanitary wares?
Household, Home Interior Objects

What are bathroom products?

Sanitary ware is made from ceramic products used in bathrooms. Some bathroom products are

  • Toilet
  • pedestal
  • sink
  • bidet
  • sink
  • tub
  • urinal

Accessories such as:

  • grey plate
  • Soap Holder/Tray
  • toilet paper holder
  • tower hanger

There are some other products that are made of ceramics.

Bathroom definition

Sanitaryware is a vitreous china body fired above 1200°C to obtain hygienic models needed for domestic and industrial use.

The meaning of sanitary ware

Hygiene – hygienic and clean. Sanitary Ware – Products/Articles


Some basic properties required for the main body of the sanitary ware.

  • Water absorption should be less than 0.5%.
  • Good glossy finish, easy to clean.
  • Can withstand loads of at least 400 kg.
  • The sanitary ware is made of three main components.

1) Clay

porcelain clay

2) Quartz

3) Feldspar

All these raw materials are mixed in place, cast and fired to give the final sanitary product. Some bathroom products are washbasins, bases, urinals, wall mounts, one-piece toilets, tubs and toilet tanks.

Sanitary ware can be made in different colors upon request. Can withstand heavy loads with good scratch resistance.

Sanitary ware comes in a variety of designs and shapes and sizes.